Other Resources

In addition to the traditional resources such as government agencies there are also a number of other resources.  They include blogs, list servs, and email subscriptions that provide excellent information about the economy.


The following blogs provide thoughts and opinions on both sides of the aisle.

  • Council of Economic Advisers – White House CEA analysis
  • Econbrowser – Analysis of current economic conditions and policy by James Hamilton, UC San Diego..
  • Economist’s View – by University of Oregon professor Mark Thoma.
  • Equitablog – by Brad DeLong, Washington Center for Equitable Growth.
  • Greg Mankiw’s Blogspot  – Random Observations for Students of Economics  – Mankiw is a Harvard professor and was the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisor’s under President Bush.
  • Real Time Economics – economics blog from the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).
  • ShadowStats – a commercial site which analyzes current U.S. government economic data with limited commentary on its accuracy.

Subscription news email services

The following website provide general information about a variety of topics.